The Academy Awards Snubs Joan Rivers, Elaine Stritch and Polly Bergen.

Special Effects: Interstellar.

It was a very entertaining show. LADY GAGA, showed her vocal chops singing a tribute to The Sound of Music on it’s 50th anniversary. The most surprising event of the night. I have always loved, Gaga, but never knew she could sing like Julie Andrews. Put the girl on Broadway! Sound of Music on Broadway. Gaga as Maria? If you missed it, watch the video below!

But how could the Academy leave out Joan in the tribute section? They listed Marketing people we have never heard of but left out Joan? She was on the Academy Awards red carpet for over 11 years, was a host on the Tonight show, Had her own TV SHOW. And was in movies. So, wrong! The other charming moment was when Patricia Arquette won her supporting role award and asked for equality for women. Snubbing, Joan showed how far we must go! We are not equals in Hollywood! Academy, this needs to change. They also snubbed Elaine Stritch and Polly Bergen. Legends that we lost this year.


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