“Broadway By The Year 1916-1940” Review and Interview.

"Broadway By The Year 1916-1940" 7

William Michals who stole the show with his stunning voice and girlfriend.

On a freezing cold below zero night, Town Hall was hot, hot, hot with talented singers and dancers. Corine Cohen was on hand to capture all the fun after the show. Some of my favorite moments:

The Varsity Drag, performed by Danny Gardner and Aleka Emerson.
The Charleston, performed by Karen Ziemba.
More Than You Know, performed by Nancy Anderson.
A funny performance from Sidney Myer, from They Go Wild, Simply Wild from Irene.
It Never Was You, performed by William Michals and Emily Skinner.

"Broadway By The Year 1916-1940" 1

"Broadway By The Year 1916-1940" 6 Scott Siegel, creator and host and Nancy Anderson who sang : ” More Than You Know” from ( Great Day) Love her voice.



"Broadway By The Year 1916-1940" 4

The Cast of Broadway By The Year pose for Broadwayshowbiz.com. Photos and video by Corine Cohen.

"Broadway By The Year 1916-1940" 3

Carole Bufford



Danny Gardner and Aleka Emerson. They tapped away with a standing ovation several times.


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