Bobby and Kristen Lopez Wrote An Opening for Neil Patrick Harris!

Looking forward to seeing the Academy Awards especially to see the new song that Bobby and Kristen wrote for the Academy Awards. He also wrote the music for one of my favorite Broadway and now Off Broadway  Avenue Q ( As well as Book of Mormon, The Winnie The Pooh film which I adored and now Frozen) Congrats to the wonderful couple who are also very special people!

Watch the Academy Awards at 5 (ABC red carpet) The Awards come back at 7 for more red carpet. You can also watch the red carpet at 1:30 on E.

Off Broadway Spotlight: Erica Dorfler. 3

Lucy T Slut being kissed by Brandon Ruckdashel during an interview with Corine Cohen. Congrats to Bobby and Kristen Anderson Lopez from Broadway Showbiz Network.



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