Six Questions For Kerry Butler!

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Can you tell me about the Tony party you are hosting in Times Square.

 It’s going to be a fun evening- I’m co-hosting with Justin Guarini, who is currently starring in Wicked. We are so excited to bring a taste of Broadway to the people and host the live simulcast of the Tony Awards in Times Square. Clear Channel Spectacolor and the Times Square Alliance have done an incredible job planning to insure that it is a night on Broadway unlike any other. Feel free to tweet about the event using the hashtag #TonysSquare and follow me on Twitter- @kerrybutlerNYC

Will there be any performers coming to this event?

 We expect a few special guests, but I’m not at liberty to say at the moment.

You are currently in a show Off Broadway so I am sure it was hard to see any of the other shows but when your show ends is there a show that you are dying to see?

I have actually taken my hosting job seriously and seen a lot of shows.  “All the Way”, “Violet”, “Beautiful”, “Cripple of Inishmaan” and “Gentleman’s Guide”.  My next show will be “Aladdin!”

I have seen you in so many shows your most recent show ” Under My Skin”, ” Little Shop” ” Xanadu” and of course my favorite ” Hairspray” all of your performances were excellent but ” Xanadu” and ” Hairspray” were my favorites as you show your vocal chops. What a voice! I was blown away the first time I saw you in ” Hairspray” now that ” Under My Skin” is closing would you like to go back into a Broadway musical? What is next for you? How is juggling being a Mother and performing 8 shows a week you are Super-Woman!


I am dying to sing again!  My last three shows have been plays, and I am thrilled to have crossed over but always feel the urge to break out into song.


When I first interviewed you, I remember you telling me that you loved Disney shows and collected everything Disney, Would you like to do a Disney show and if you could play any Disney character who would she be? 

Ummm my DREAM is to be in a Disney cartoon.  I love everything Disney, and would love to be another Disney princess.  I’ve already been Belle.  I would like to be Gisele from “Enchanted” if I could be anyone.


Who are you rooting for on Sunday? 

I have so many friends so I better not say!

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