” How To Train Your Dragon 2″ Review.

I usually find that sequels are never as good as the first film in multiple movie sequels but Dreamworks new sequel ” How To Train Your Dragon 2″ is even better the second time around. In this version our hero meets his Mother for the first time since early childhood and finds a secret island full of adorable friendly dragons

. The animation is indeed spectacular and this version is well written. I never cry in films but I was so moved by this film I could not hold back the tears.

This version is also hilarious with a few funny moments for the adults. You also fall for ” TOOTHLESS” who is adorable and goofy like a big slobbering dog. The film is fun for the whole family and one of the best written animated films of all time. It is a must see! This film may not be appropriate for very small children as there is a death scene so it may be better for 9 and up as it is a little sad and  better for older children/teenagers.

Corine Cohen

4 out of 4 stars for the animation, story and writing. I was highly entertained. Craig Ferguson is also very funny in this movie and voices one of the lead characters. You can’t miss his signature voice. No more spoilers.

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