Review: ” Island of Lemurs- Madagascar”


Lemurs is an absolutely delightful, short documentary about one of our closest genetic relatives – the critically endangered and absolutely delightful Madagascar residents. Their saga from mainland Africa to their new and now only home the Madagascar is narrated by Morgan Freeman. The film is an absolute delight that will surely please both kids and adults and focuses on the journey of  one scientist from Stony Brook whose 30 year mission to preserve and study these incredible animals is captured in the film. The Lemur faces potential extinction do to habitat lose from natives burning down forests to clear space for farmland. As a result Madagascar has lost 90% of its wild forests which greatly limits the space where its wild lemurs can reside therefore they often raid farms for crops. Fortunately the Lemurs have allies in scientists and people world wide who are passionate and understand that such wonderful wildlife must be not only studied but preserved and also respected.

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