Rio 2. A Broadway Showbiz Must See!

Rio 2. A Broadway Showbiz Must See! 2
Blue Sky has always been a  favorite film company as they are very creative and over the top.

In the first movie Blu finds a mate. ¬† In Rio 2, he has a family and they fly to the Amazon as Linda (Blu’s owner) thinks there are more of Blu’s species which they thought were the last pair.

In Rio 2 we now have the evil Nigel. paired with a toxic pink frog voiced by theatre and film icon Kristin Chenoweth. Chenoweth plays a love sick frog who is in love with Nigel an evil drama queen cockatoo who recites Shakespeare and sings ” I WILL SURVIVE” Chenoweth sings a passionate love song about their forbidden love. The movie is hilarious and will appeal to theater fans as much as children. There are some very funny jokes that will go over the childrens heads.

This film also has a message to save the Amazon and nature but also provides gigantic fun for every theater fan as Gabi and Nigel are very entertaining.

Go with or without your kids. It is very entertaining. 4 stars. A perfect movie from start to finish.




Idina Menzel (Adele Dazeen) who starred with Kristin Chenoweth in ” Wicked” is not the only star in animated films. She stars in Disney’s Frozen and Kristin stars as Gabi in Rio 2. If you are a Kristin Chenoweth fan you must see this film. She is perfection in the role.

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