“Transcendence” in my opinion is one of the best movies so far this year. This science fiction film is a cross between “Source Code” and “Terminator” with an underlying love theme.


            The movie is about a scientist (Johnny Depp) who is on the verge of a scientific discovery concerning artificial intelligence when he is gunned down by a member of a radical group who infects the scientist by shooting him with a bullet carrying a radioactive isotope which causes the mans health to deteriorate. In an attempt to preserve the man, his wife (played by Rebecca Hall) conducts an experiment where she uploads his mind to a computer, not realizing that her actions are in fact very dangerous for the entire community. By assimilating with AI the man is not only capable of controlling computers but, is also able to manipulate weather, peoples health, peoples behavior and essentially everything that surrounds him, therefore playing G-d


            Upon seeing that her husband is meddling with nature the wife decides to team up with the radical group and also the mans former best friend and colleague (played by Paul Bettany) in an attempt to bring down him and the company that he has build to sustain his mind. By this point the former scientist has figured out how to build himself a new body and replant his mind into it. In a last attempt to get him under control his wife and the radicals storm the compound where the technology is stored and in a struggle she is fatally wounded. She pleads for him to upload a virus into his system therefore causing a global technologic collapse and the demise of both characters. Sadly she realizes too late that her husband even as AI was still absolutely the same as the man she married, whose only goal was for the two of them to spend more time together.

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