Review of: AWAKE AND SING By Clifford Odets.

awake2AWAKE AND SING! By Clifford Odets.

I saw another production of this show on Broadway a few years back and even though this production does not have the bells and whistles the Broadway production had, this production has  incredible talent, and they follow the script that is perfection!

To quote Oscar Eustis, the Artistic Director of The Public Theater: “AWAKE AND SING! Is about three generations of an immigrant family, struggling with social, economic and familial strife. It is a story familiar to a majority of Americans of different ethnicities and cultures. These economic struggles, our hopes to overcome them, unite us, and our diversity enhances the fabric of American Culture and Society.” ( Oscar Eustis, Artistic Director of the Public Theater)

The cast is excellent.  I was very impressed with Mia Katigbak, who plays Bessie Berger and won an Obie Award for the role in 2013. It was also very interesting to see an Asian company portray Jewish characters, and it was very believable. I was also very impressed that Mia Katigbak, is also the Artistic Producing Director, for NAATCO.

The show is a must see. The show is general admission, so I advise you get there early to ensure you get excellent seats. Three stars.

Corine Cohen

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