Rude Behavior At The Theater At An All Time High!

In the past few weeks, rudeness at the theater is at an all-time high. Last, week,  a woman texted during SHOWS FOR DAYS and LuPone took that phone away from a rude audience member. In other news, a crazy drunk Long Island patron plugged in his cell into the set’s outlet at HAND TO GOD. 

Tonight at ON THE TOWN a new level of rudeness occurred! During the singing part with Jackie Hoffman, a child of only 4’1/2 sang back SING HIGH AND LOW. It was very funny but also very distracting and the parent thought it was funny and didn’t tell them to stop singing. They also talked through most of the show and it was very distracting and also texted through the entire show. Ushers came over several times to tell them to stop talking, but they continued and an usher came by to tell them to turn off the cell and they never did. Instead, they got up and left and stood for a few minutes before exiting the theater way before it ended.

People. Please don’t talk, sing or text during shows. It is very distracting to everyone including the performers. Another audience member wore a charm bracelet that made a distracting noise everytime she moved.  I take my battery out of my cell when I enter the theater to avoid any issues  please do the same and never text during a show.

Corine CohenANOTEXT

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