The new Broadway show playing at Circle In The Square is an entire musical sung  A Cappella. It is an upbeat musical that will cheer you up as it is made up of fantastic music by Kristen Anderson-Lopez (FROZEN, WINNIE THE POOH, FINDING NEMO)James-Allen Ford, Russ Kaplan, and Sara Wordsworth.

The choreography by Kathleen Marshall is very uplifting and energetic like a train in motion. The stories revolve around several NY City residents,   traveling around NYC on the Subway. There is a gay couple played by Arbender Robinson and Justin Guarini that fall in love and want to get married, but Justin Guarini who plays Trent has a hard time coming out to his religious and Southern Mother. There is another story of an office temp who is striving to live her dream as a Broadway actress and there is another story of a woman who loses her love to another woman.

The energetic and talented company made the show a joy to watch. The sets were simple but worked and made you believe you were on a train with rats included. This show is a lot of fun and the music all made by the human voice stunning. I hope they make a CD as I would love to listen to the great songs.

The cast sings about life, love, and how difficult it is getting around NYC. Last night it was 17 degrees, my guest and I missed two buses by angry MTA drivers who would not stop because they were trying to be on schedule. Looking back at the show made me laugh out loud, getting around NYC requires a lot of patience!

Go and see “IN TRANSIT” a show that is positive, upbeat and fun.

Corine Dana Cohen for Broadway Showbiz.

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