Must See Movies For Families.

Don’t know what to take the kids to see? Here is my list.

  1. Rent or buy “The Secret Life of Pets” you can even watch it on Demand and purchase it for one low price. It is a must for dog and cat lovers of all ages.
  2.  “Sing” an adorable animated film that has some very funny numbers. I especially adored the dance number it is very funny. This movie is a must for small children ages 4 and up.
  3. “Trolls” has great music by a variety of talented artists. If you grew up in the 80’s you will appreciate the music and your children will love it. It will be especially wonderful for young girls who will want a Poppy action figure.
  4. For older children and adults you must see “Hidden Figures” for the important message and incredible acting. It is very important to take girlsto see this film. It is one of the top films of the year.
  5. “Kubo and The Two Strings” is a very creative animated film that is a must for boys who will love it.
  6.  Disney’s “Moana” is great for both boys and girls. You have the Rock for the boys and Moana for the girls. It is nice to have a female who is not seeking her Price Charming, instead she goes on a mission to save her tribe. Things are moving in the right direction. It’s progress.
    SHINY! Lin Manuel Miranda Channels Bowie!

    This is J Clement playing a gold hording crab. The funniest number in the film.

    TROLLS. 2


Have a very Happy Holiday season. Many reviews are coming soon for adults.

Corine CohenDisney and Dream Works Break Glass Ceiling!

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