THE FRONT PAGE is side- splitting funny with an incredible cast of actors. John Slattery, known for the show MAD MEN is very over the top as a reporter trying to get out of the Newspaper business. Nathan Lane who is always funny has such chemistry with Slattery you almost wonder why they have never been on Broadway together. Slattery proves to be on fire in the role, and the incredible direction by Jack O’Brien is near perfection.

This show must be seen up close to see the amazing facial expressions of Lane and Slattery. The first Act is a bit slow but the second and third acts come alive and will make you howl, it’s that funny.

The show takes place in an old, dirty, dingy press room in Chicago. There is a room full of sleazy reporters who are covering a crime scene at a jail in Chicago. Slattery plays a lead reporter who has decided to leave the business and move to NYC to pursue a career in Advertising, (Pretty hilarious as he is known for running an ad agency on the hit show MADMEN) All hell breaks loose at the Jail Newsroom and the cast are fun to watch.

Holland Taylor is hysterical playing an older Mother in Law that gets kidnapped. Robert Morse plays a delivery man who is bribed by the Mayor, and his facial expressions are beyond brilliant! Jefferson Mays play an annoying germaphobe.

I had the best time at this show. It is a three-act play that drags in the first act but do "THE FRONT PAGE" 1not leave my readers, the second and third acts are worth every minute, and watching Lane and Slattery is pure perfection. My only problem with the show was with one annoying policeman. He sounded crazy with a German accent that seemed unbelievable. Everything else about this production was comic gold, especially during these troubling times. It is nice to have an evening out of pure fun. I thank Nathan Lane, John Slattery, Jefferson Mays, Holland Taylor and Jack O’Brien for an evening of pure joy.


Corine Cohen

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