” Penguins of Madagascar “

Review by Corine Cohen

This film made my best picks of 2014 for animation along with Big Hero 6 and Rio 2.

Dreamworks animations newest ” Penguins of Madagascar ” is a great film for the entire family. John Malkovitch, famous theater actor( loved him in Burn This On Broadway) plays Dave, a very unhappy Octopus who seeks revenge on all penguins because they are so cute and loveable and he is cast aside because no one cares about an ugly octopus. So, he plots to get revenge on all the penguins and change them into monsters so he will be loved again.

There are a few funny jokes poking at theater, one funny one on Riverdance and some other jokes that will go over the childrens heads. ThIs film is clever, smart and also very cuddly, just like the Penguins. I had a blast and you will too!

Three out of four stars.

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