New York Magazine’s Taste Event!

Review and photos by Corine Cohen

Video ” When Harry Met Sally” I’ll have what she’s having! (Classic)

The Spicy Crab from Morimoto. Perfection!

Birdie Cake by Red Rooster Harlem ( Chicken and waffles with creme Fraiche and jerk sauce and salmon roe caviar)

You know the WHEN HARRY MET SALLY moment where Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm over a pastrami sandwich( Shown above if you missed it), well I did not fake mine. New York Magazine had the best event called New York Taste and yesterday I did not fake my big foodgasm. The food and wine as well as drinks at this event were high end and scrumptious. I had a quiet real foodgasm. What is a foodgasm? It is the pinnacle for any food critic. It is at a level that is hard to beat and I experienced it last night.

I did not try every taste but I did try most of the restaurants food tastes and my favorites were:( I did not try any of the desserts)

1st place was . Morimoto’s spicy crab. The quality of this crab was so fresh I was afraid it was still alive. It was very spicy but it was the best crab I have ever tasted at a food event of this size.

2nd place; Red Rooster made a Birdie cake which was chicken and waffles with caviar and a hint of Jerk sauce. It sounds gross but it was incredible.

3rd place: Dinosaur BBQ brisket slider. It melted in my mouth and was really tasty.

4th place Ed’s  Lobster meatballs. Very original.

Honorable mentions: Tao for a fried Quail egg and pork lettuce wrap, The Meatball shops turkey meatballs

This event was by far the best food tasting event I have ever covered. The only thing this event needed was seating. I stood for two hours but it was worth it. Photos and video coming soon. This event was paradise for people who love food. Guilty!

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