Disney and Dreamworks Break Glass Ceiling!

Disney and Dream Works Break Glass Ceiling!In the two new animated films Moana and Trolls both female characters are the heroine and not looking for her perfect Prince or mate. This time she is looking to save her people. Both Moana and Poppy are the leader of their Island and are courageous and willing to risk their lives to save their tribe whether it is human or Troll.

Disney and Dreamworks have evolved.  Women are not looking for a Prince, and they are presented as the savior instead of being a dainty Princess.

With the giant upset with the current election, we can only hope that film as well as life will continue to evolve and break glass ceilings.

Go and see Trolls and Moana.  Both are fun movie musicals with good messages about saving the environment, people, and our friends instead of movies where women need to search for a Prince.

Moana has some great music by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I especially loved his new song “Shiny” with a great performance by Jemaine Clement as a giant nasty crab, it was the funniest part of the movie. Also, don’t leave until the very end for a bonus number of Shiny, it is hysterical.

Corine Dana Cohen




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