“TROLLS” which opens on November 4th is unique in that the adults will adore it as much as the kids. It has a great message, the music and action are non-stop fun from start to finish. Many of the tongue in cheek jokes will go over heads of the children. I had a blast. The story revolves around the “TROLLS” who are to be eaten by their enemy the Bergen who need to eat the Trolls in order to attain happiness.

Christine Baranski plays “Chef” an ogre like Bergen who needs to please King Gristle, the head of the Bergen. She is cast out of the Kingdom when the Trolls escape. The Trolls have lived happily away from the Bergen for over 20 blissful years and have a loud party which the Bergen hear and Chef, finds them and brings them to the King so he can achieve happiness.

The Trolls are very sweet, fun, party-going creatures that must hug every 30 minutes and live a carefree life until they are captured by Chef.

Poppy, the lead Troll played by Anna Kendrick is the most loved member of the Trolls and goes on an adventure to save her captured friends.

There is also a funny side story about Bridget, a maid that is treated like Cinderella by Chef and the Trolls help her win the heart of King Gristle. There are a few funny scenes of Bridget on her date with King Gristle when Poppy takes pity on her and wants to help her and also help the Trolls attain freedom.

This animated film has excellent music and is over the top. I was invited to two screenings in the early hours of my weekends and made it to both as it was that much fun. Go and see it. You’re bound to have a blast and fall in love with this adorable movie. The ten-year-old I took to this film said she loved it as much or more than Frozen.

The film also has incredible music by Justin Timberlake who also plays a crucial part in the film. They also used a famous choreographer from theater for this film Casey Nicholaw!


Opens November 4 in NYC.











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