Dancing With The Stars Finals.

Val and Janel

What a season this has been. Such top talent. The Pros, were all exceptional. The top four all skilled performers, with passion, heart, dedication.  Alfonso’s and Witney’s performance tonight put him over the edge and in my eyes he and Witney are the winners.In a perfect World he and Janel and Val would tie because I think they are both winners. My predictions are that Alfonso will be first place, Janel and Val second place and Sadie and Mark third place. But we shall see what happens because Sadie and Mark have a big following from the Duck Dynasty. I adore Mark and loved his Mario Bros dance. Very creative.

I was really blown away by Alfonso’s and Witney’s freestyle. It was perfect and good enough to be seen on Broadway. Witney has really shown how talented she is this season and Witney and Alfonso made a perfect pair.

The three remaining stars and pros are  Alfonso, Janel and Sadie. Kudos to Derek and Bethany who were right up there with the three but someone had to go and sadly the set malfunction was the reason they went home. I love Derek and Bethany but the set cost them the finals. Derek has won five times so I don’t feel sorry for him and he and Bethany did make the top four which is very impressive.

As a big fan of Val and Janel I am hoping it is between Alfonso and Janel but whatever happens all the dancers and pros this season were brilliant and I really wish it was not ending tomorrow.  They are all stars in my eyes.

Corine Cohen

Who do you think will win?

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