Wild, gives Reese Witherspoon an opportunity at the best actress category. Witherspoon who was made famous from “Legally Blonde” really shines in WILD.

The actress read the book by Cheryl Strayed and decided to take her book and make it into a film. Cheryl Strayed literally walked over 1100 miles to change the course of her life. The story shows her struggle from a bad marriage, drug use, family life and more. It is a difficult film to watch especially if you don’t like bugs but the film is beautiful and there is a happy ending.

Wild is a wild, tough ride in the wilderness and Resse Witherspoon who is also a Producer of the movie deserves to be nominated for her incredible acting in this film.

The film was exhausting and after seeing it was as if I walked the 1,100 miles and I needed a good meal and large glass of wine. If you want to see a beautiful film you must see WILD but this is for adults only as there are some moments that are not for children.

Four stars. The film is perfect. In addition who ever shot this film should win many awards this year.

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