Spider-Boy Vs Birdman.

There is a new Spider-Man in town. This time, it should be called Spider-Boy or Spider-Teen. Spider-Man is a 15-year-old social media following, adolescent fanboy. He is very different than the other Spider-Man’s in previous films. This movie has very little romance. It is more about being a geeky, non-confident teen.

The special effects in this non-stop action film will please movie fans that want action adventure without leaving a cool theater.I had a blast and didn’t want the fun to end. What was very funny was putting Michael Keaton in the role of the villain that almost resembles BIRDMAN. Pun intended.

This new version will have many parts. Hoping the next ones will include romance in the mix. It was great to see Zendaya in this film. Hoping she will have a bigger role in the next ones. Loved her on DANCING WITH THE STARS.

Corine Cohen for Broadway Showbiz

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