“CURVY WIDOW” with a book by Bobby Goldman is a hilarious and genuine story based on Bobby Goldman. Bobby greeted my guest and me as we went into the show. She is charismatic, over the top and hilarious. When Bobby Goldman lost her husband of 36 years, she asked her therapist for help. His advice to get laid. Bobby was 51, and this is not the typical story of a 51-year-old Widow, to go and get laid. But that is exactly what Bobby set out to do. The show is real, and Bobby seems to be channeling Samantha from “SEX AND THE CITY, ” and this show is just as funny.  The show is a must see for every woman over 50. It is also great to see a show about women of a certain age. This show embraces age and gives women of a certain age the right to live when they lose their spouse. It is the show for girls nights out and a must see. It is time to celebrate stories about women over 21. They exist, and it is nice to see they can continue to live once their partner dies.

Empowering, funny and a perfect time. It is a must see for women over 40. It put a giant smile on my face. The book is funny. The sets smart and the music worked well. A show that all women should see after 40. You also must stay for Bobby’s talkback. She is a hoot as is her show. It is “Sex and The City” for the next generation or the Widow generation.

Corine Dana Cohen

It is playing at the Westside Theatre

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