Sheldon Harnick Sings To Barbara Cook On Her Birthday.

I came back from Sheldon Harnick’s show ” She Loves Me” and I was so moved I wanted to reshare the video I shot of him at Barbara Cook’s Birthday in Oct. Sheldon created a special song dedicated to Barbara Cook. I was very moved by the show and stay tuned for a review coming soon.

Go and see ” She Loves Me” at Studio 54 it is a Corine’s must see. Also, go and see his other show ” Fiddler On The Roof” both are my picks this year and every year. I really hope ” She Loves Me” will do so well it will move to Broadway for an open ended run.

Run and get tickets! Video shot by Corine Cohen at the Encompass theater gala. Photo of the cast of ” Fiddler on The Roof” by Corine Cohen at a meet and greet a few months ago. Audio in the video of the very talented Danny Burstein.

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