School Of Rock Goes To The Head Of The Class.

School of Rock, based on the Warner Bros film is a remarkable show with a very talented cast. This is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s newest and in my opinion best musical.sor

Two best friends share an apartment. One has grown up and is a substitute teacher; the other can’t find a day job and dreams of taking his rock band into “Battle of the Bands.”  The roommates live in girlfriend wants him to pay rent or move out. One afternoon, the phone rings with a job offer for the other roommate at the prestigious  Horace Green School, and he decides to get the money he will pretend to be a substitute teacher. The fake teacher finds out that he has a very talented class of students who can make up a band. He teaches his students how to become a successful rock band so they can compete in ” Battle of The Bands.”

The cast has so much charm and energy, and all of the kids play music, dance and score high grades in this fun, energetic night out. Standouts were Taylor Caldwell, Bobbie Mackenzie and Carly Gendell who had incredible voices as well as dance talent.

Grade A!

Also, the night I attended Calvin Klein, Karen Mason, and Neil Lithgow from ” So You Think You Can Dance” were in the audience. I am a huge fan of Neil Lithgow, and if it were not a press night I would have gone over and introduced myself as I would kill to interview him.

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