SAUSAGE PARTY is rated R for foul language and cursing food. This film is over the top, and if you don’t mind hearing the F word and some sexual humor, you will have a fabulous time. Do not take your little Church going Grandma or children to this film. Adults with an open mind will roar with laughter.

The funniest part of this film came from Ed Norton playing Sammy Bagel Jr. A Bagel that channels Woody Allen who bickers with an Arab flat bread. He is beyond hysterical and sounds exactly like Woody. I am not a fan of cursing but when cute food cartoons or puppets curse I find it hilarious, no idea why but it’s funny. There is also a funny moment when a giant piece of gum is channeling Stephen Hawking.

The story takes place in a supermarket. A jar of mustard is returned to the market, and this jar of mustard tells all of the food (Who are alive and think people are G-DS) That people eat them. It is a funny movie with some sexual humor. There is also a funny moment when A Lesbian Taco flirts with a hot dog bun. (Hayek plays the Taco to Wiig’s bun) The Bun Wiig and Seth Rogen (Hot dog, named Frank) are an item, and there are a few funny songs written by Broadway and film legend Alan Menken.(Little Shop, Beauty and The Beast, Little Mermaid and many more)

The film is over the top, but I found it very entertaining. You might want to eat a big meal and have some alcohol before seeing this. It made me very hungry. (And wine always helps make things funnier)

If you like this kind of entertainment, see it. I had a blast.  This is a great movie for date night. Go out with your significant other and have a few drinks before seeing the film. Leave the kids at home with a babysitter.

Three stars out of four.

Corine Dana Cohen

Warning: This movie is rated R and not for kids under 16.

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