“Billy Elliot the Musical Live”

Billy Elliot Live From London is not to be missed. Every dance lover needs to see this spectacular musical. When it was on Broadway I saw it several times and if you missed it, now you have the chance to see the London production on a giant screen In addition there is a curtain call with all of the Billy’s from the London production over many years.  I hope the show will return to Broadway where it belongs. It is a shame that it is not here but you can see it on a giant screen. I loved it. I saw Kiril and Trent on Broadway. I also saw a few numbers in Bryant Park and got to film SHINE.

“Billy Elliot the Musical Live features Liam Mower who returned as Older Billy. Peter Darling, the choreographers work is breathtaking and music by Elton John who composed the shows score. 

This film of a live production in London is a must see to get tickets go here: www.fathomevents.com  

This production SHINES! Hopefully the show will be back on Broadway as it is one of my favorite shows of all time.be

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