Special Effects, 10. Plot Zero.




Let's Talk About Jupiter Ascending.

Mila Kunis, Warner Bros Jupiter Ascending


If you’re a fan of giant mega special effects, Jupiter Ascending won’t let you down. It is 100 percent, beautiful animation. Gamers and stoners will go into a happy zone between the sleek and over the top effects. The story, what little story there is, is a let down and so is the strange direction and weird lizard people that live on Jupiter.

Take Jurassaic Park, mix it with Star Wars add a dash of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and mix in a dash of every B movie you have ever seen and here comes Ascending. There are times when it is hilariously funny but it does take itself very seriously.

Mila Kunis cleans toilets for a living. One day she is visiting a friend and weird alien beings attack her friend. The aliens see her and are out to kill her. She is saved by Cain played by Channing Tatum who is half dog and half human. He flies in and saves her (Think Superdog) and takes her to Jupiter and we find out that she is royalty. It is really a dumb plot but I was so taken by the amazing costumes and special effects that I didn’t care about the silly lack of plot. They discover she is royalty because bee’s don’t sting her. (REALLY?)

Mila looks beautiful and Tatum looks really funny as a super strong dog. See this in 3D as the animation and special effects are the reason to see this entertaining flick. If you don’t like special effects, wait and see it on demand in a few months. I had a blast, pun intended.

Ten stars for the animation. Just put on your glasses and take in the award worthy special effects.

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