“50 Shades of Boredom”

"50 Shades of Boredom"Uh, oh. The feedback of the book “50 Shades of Grey” was such a sensation. I never read the book, as the topic didn’t pique my interest. I was hoping the film would be sexy, seductive, exciting and dark. Sadly, I would rename the movie ” 50 Shades of Boredom” the movie is about a beautiful sweet and innocent College graduate who meets the deeply disturbed billionaire Grey. Grey is super sexy but is into control. He draws up a contract for the young, rail-thin, Steele and tells her that he wants to control her in every way and he might throw in a movie and dinner once a week if she is a good girl. (YIKES!, NOT MAKING THIS UP)

As a woman, I found this film offensive! I would have taken a whip from his wall and beaten him senseless if he dared to whip me six times. (Not a violent person but this was abuse)

Steele falls for the handsome Grey but does not want to be controlled. She wants a vanilla relationship and is forced into an abusive one.  This is what makes the film upsetting. She wants love, not pain.

I also wanted to point out this film is not a love story. It is not romantic. It is about a cruel, demented, power-hungry billionaire who abuses and uses a naive, young school girl. This movie made me sick to my stomach and did not help women. Why pay hard earned money for a film that takes advantage of women. It is not sexy, romantic or erotic, and there was nothing entertaining about the film.  I warned you. Steele asked for a vanilla relationship based on love, and he was not looking for love instead it was all about him and nothing was what she wanted. He bought her a car and sold her old one without asking that is theft and illegal. He bought her a laptop so he could spy on her, that is stalking. The man is a controlling, sick, pervert who thinks he can do whatever he wants because he is rich. Truly, vile.

Also, if a man wants to control you run and don’t be abused. Women deserve men that worship them not abuse them and the same thing goes for men.  Sadly, the movie was not a fantasy for women or men it was just tedious and sadistic but sadly not sexy or sensual.

In addition, people who are into BDSM said the film was not an accurate portrayal of the lifestyle.

Corine Cohen

Stars: Zero.

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