Karina Smirnoff Is Single Again.

Broadway Showbiz is sad to report that Forever Tango, beauty, Karina Smirnoff is back on the market while promoting her new book about dating troubles. Karina was radiant and danced like a pro, with Maks in Forever Tango in 2012 and we wish her well. She deserves a Prince, not a frog.

Her book is called ” We’re Just Not That Into You” and is about her and her friends dating disasters. I think I need to get a copy of this!

Sad that Karina will not be in Season 10. She is a fantastic dancer. I loved her in ” Burn The Floor” and went 10 times. ( Yes, I loved Burn The Floor that ¬†much!)

We wish you well, Karina!

Forever Tango.

Photo of Karina and Maks by Corine Cohen

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