Joey Fatone Wants To Play “Olaf” In Frozen On Broadway.

Auto Draft 1Joey Fatone Wants To Play "Olaf" In Frozen On Broadway.

Last night, I saw an early screening of ” My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2″ a wonderful sequel to ” My Big Fat Greek Wedding” one of my favorite warm and fuzzy family films. Today, I got to speak with Joey Fatone, who plays Uncle Angelo. In this role, Fatone comes out of the closet. I said they should make a third film called” My Big Fat Greek Gay Wedding” and Fatone loved the idea. Hope it happens!

I also asked Fatone if he would like to come back to Broadway. He said he would love to play “Olaf” in Frozen on Broadway. My reply, I can totally see you in that role!  Note to Robert Lopez; Fatone wants to be on Broadway as “Olaf” and I think it would be great casting.

We also discussed his dancing on “Dancing With The Stars” and he loved doing it because he said it was a great workout, and he lost a lot of weight. He also came in second place which is a giant success!

Come back for the audio of the interview which will be up soon. Review of ” My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2″ coming soon as well. Go and see it. It is a very touching family film with a lot of heart. I adored it!

Note to Nia, hoping your next film is ” My Big Fat Gay Greek Wedding”  Gay marriage is legal it makes a lot of sense. OPA!


Corine Cohen

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