Interview with Dean Wellins Director and Writer For Disney Animation.

Yesterday, I spoke with Dean Wellins who has worked on many Disney films. He wrote and Directed an adorable short called ” Tick Tock Tale” which can be found on the new Disney shorts DVD and Blu-Ray combo pack. He also worked on ” Tangled”, ” Frozen” and many other films doing writing, Directing and he has also done story boards and animating for ” The Princess and The Frog” and has worked on many animated films. He helped do the design of the ” Let It Go” number in ” Frozen” which is one of the most popular songs ever written in animated films. (Bobby and Kristen Lopez wrote the music)

Go and buy ” Tick Tock Tale” it can be found on the Disney short DVD. He is a very talented writer, director and it was a pleasure to speak with him.

I loved “Tick Tock Tale” it is an adorable short with heart that is also very funny. I hope they make a clock to sell at the Disney store and promote this film more as it is really special and deserves more face time! If they made a clock like this I would want to buy it!

I only gave a small preview of the film and it is worth buying. In addition the DVD also has “Frozen Fever” ” Paperman” “Feast” and many other adorable films. I loved all of them  but admit this was my favorite. Sadly, Disney never showed the film with any major movie like “Feast” and ” Paperman” which were shown as a short before full length films. If Tick Tock was shown it might have been given an Oscar. It deserved one!

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Disney Shorts

Disney Shorts

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