Review: Fiddler On The Roof.


Photos of the cast by Corine Cohen

Sheldon Harnick Sings To Barbara Cook On Her Birthday.

The cast poses with Sheldon Harnick.
Photos  by Corine Cohen

I was thrilled to attend “Fiddler On The Roof”  over the Passover holiday, and it was extra special to attend the show with my Sister and my Niece and Nephew. “Fiddler” is about family and tradition and life and it was thrilling to see it with them. First off, Danny Burstein’s Tevye is sweet, warm, and he sings beautifully. You feel his passion when he sings ” If I Were A Rich Man” and ” Tradition” To Life” his brilliant acting and this perfect casting should not be missed during award season!

Joe Stein would be very proud of this spectacular production. The music and lyrics never leave you. The choreography by Hofesh Shechter is extra special especially when they do the Russian and period dancing like balancing bottles on top of a hat while doing deep knee bends. It was very impressive. (Hofesh is from Israel and you can see an interview with him many months ago in the dance section of the site)

Fiddler happens to be one of the greatest musicals ever written, and this production is a must-see even if you’ve  seen it before. See it now and you will appreciate it even more.  See it for Danny Burstein’s perfect acting and an ensemble that will break your heart especially when they are singing and dancing. There are very few musicals with more heart than “Fiddler”, and this cast deserve to run on Broadway till the end of time! Burstein deserves a Tony, Drama Desk and OCC award and Sheldon Harnick is getting a special Tony this year for good reason. In a perfect World, they would also give credit to Joe Stein and Jerry Bock!

The music and lyrics stay with you and 24 hours later I am still singing “If I Were A Rich Man”Matchmaker” To Life” the musical has catchy tunes, and I can’t wait to get the CD as soon as it is available.

There should be an ensemble award for this perfect production as every single cast member was strong with great vocal chops and dancing skills. The Choreography was spectacular. The direction by Bartlett Sher moving with a modern start and finish which added something new to the production.

Danny Burstein has a beautiful voice and has shown his talent over many years and hopefully he will get recognized for his perfect role on Broadway.

Corine Dana Cohen

Fiddler On The Roof.

Danny Burstein
Photo by Corine Cohen


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