10 Questions For Paul Alexander Nolan Currently In Bright Star!

10 Questions For Paul Alexander Nolan Currently In Bright Star! 210 Questions For Paul Alexander Nolan Currently In Bright Star! 110 Questions For Paul Alexander Nolan Currently In Bright Star!

Corine Cohen: Hi Paul, I have loved your performances over the years. You were wonderful in “ONCE” and I also loved your performance in “Daddy Long Legs” Off-Broadway and I saw you last week in ” Bright Star” which I adored. It seems like a great couple of years for you! You have a great voice, and I adored all of your performances. “Bright Star” is a very beautiful show and very romantic and you played a very romantic role in “ Daddy Long Legs ” if you could play any role on Broadway would you pick another role? Would you want to play a Pirate King or something totally different?

Paul Alexander Nolan: If someone told me that I was fired from “Bright Star” but could choose any role to take over immediately…I would choose John Proctor in The Crucible or William Shakespeare in Something Rotten.

Corine Cohen: I could see you as William Shakespeare! What is your favorite thing to do in New York when you are not on Broadway?

Paul Alexander Nolan: See a Broadway show with my wife and go for excellent food.

Corine Cohen:  When did you realize you wanted to become an Actor on Broadway?

Paul Alexander Nolan: When I was 13 years old and saw Les Miserables for the first time.

Corine Cohen: Did you get to meet Edie and Steve and what was that like?

Paul Alexander Nolan: Yes. They are the most generous artists.

Corine Cohen: How cool! I love Edie Brickell; I am very jealous of you! I met Steve Martin when I was a child. He is a very talented actor and writer!  If they made “Bright Star” into a film would that interest you?

Paul Alexander Nolan: YES!!! And I think it would make a perfect film. Maybe even turn it into a non-musical though I’d miss the music. It would be a great piece of Americana.

Corine Cohen: I hope they would keep it as a Musical! Would you want to perform in a TV series?

Paul Alexander Nolan: Yup!

Corine Cohen: What music do you listen to when you are alone?

Paul Alexander Nolan: Indie folk.

Corine Cohen:  Do you have a dog and if so what kind?

Paul Alexander Nolan:No. But I would want a mutt if I were on a farm.

Corine Cohen: If you were not an actor what career would you choose?

Paul Alexander Nolan: A Fireman or a Forest ranger

Corine Cohen: What are your favorite kinds of food?

Paul Alexander Nolan: Japanese and Italian.

Thanks very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. Paul is fantastic in “Bright Star” check him out. It is a great evening at the theater.  His favorite Italian hangout is “Il Buco!”





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