Week Two: Dancing With The Stars!


From Derek Hough’s website.

Photo from last week supplied by ABC. I hope to get images of tonight soon!

I was so excited to see Derek do a fab dance from Hairspray. Great work, Derek and Shawn!  And Len is not being crabby tonight. A very exciting week two. Everyone is in top form. I was not crazy about Palin’s redneck quick step but on the whole I loved all the other dances. My top favorites were:

Derek and Shawn: Hairspray!

Karina and Apollo really were fabulous. 

Gilles and Peta were excellent as well!

Bye bye, Bristol.

I am so glad that they are using Broadway theater dances. Broadway Showbiz loves that they will continue paying tribute to the great white way.

Corine Cohen

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