Amy Schumer wrote the film and stars in the film. She plays a selfish woman who does not believe in marriage or a serious relationship. The movie opens with her drug and alcoholic dad telling his daughters that he is leaving them because he does not believe in marriage. The Father, played by Colin Quinn, who I remember as one of the best MTV DJ’S back with Downtown Julie Brown opens the film with a bang. He screws up Amy into believing that love is not real and that one night stands are the way to go. Amy becomes like a man, she just wants sex but will never stay over at her sexual conquests place and will never let them stay over. She only cares about the physical act and nothing more. . She has one night stands with every man she sees and no true connection until she is assigned a story about an orthopedic sports medicine doctor. Amy hates sports and makes fun of sports and does not want to write the feature. She works for a men’s magazine like Maxim and has become like one of the readers ( Except she abhors sports!)

She does a feature on the doctor and has sex on the first date. Her new boyfriend played by Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader falls instantly for Amy, even though she drinks too much, does drug’s and does not want to snuggle after sex.

Schumer has written an amusing script that had me gasping for air. The film is outrageous, funny, intelligent, and the small roles by sports figures are side splitting funny. It’s as if the sports figures have taken over women’s roles and the women have taken on the males.

There are funny moments with Amy’s sisters new family including comedian and theater actor, Mike Birbiglia as a goofy and needy suburban husband and a standout performance by Evan Brinkman as Amy’s nerdy nephew.

Trainwreck, pulls at your heart but also makes you howl. It is the most intelligent romantic comedy in decades and a fun evening out

.  Trainwreck is not for children as there are drugs, full frontal nudity and it could be considered crude and obscene.

Five stars out of 5. Hoping that Amy Schumer will get an academy award for her writing and acting. It was also fun to see many theater actors in this film including Matthew Broderick and Mike Birbiglia.  Newcomer, Evan Brinkman is hysterical!

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