This Is Where I Leave You.

This is Where I Leave You is the movie you want to love because the cast is so fantastic but the writing is really obnoxious. The movie opens with our poor hero, Jason Bateman who plays a man in love with his wife. On her Birthday he comes home early to celebrate her Birthday with a beautiful cake to find her in bed with his boss. He leaves her and gets a call from his  sister ( Tina Fey) that his father has died and he must come home as they are sitting Shivah. The entire family must stay together in the house they grew up in for seven days and all hell breaks loose.

The cast in this film are all terrific, Jason Bateman is endearing and Tina Fey is wonderful. There are also many theater stars in the film including Will Swenson, Aaron Lazar as Tina Fey’s selfish husband and more. Jane Fonda has a very small role and her boobs seem to be the focus of much of the film. This film is a terrible Lifetime movie worth watching when there are no other options. One of the wives tries to seduce Jason Bateman’s character as she wants to get pregnant and her husband seems to be shooting blanks.

The film does not seem real. The whole movie is low level potty jokes including a small child who runs with his port a potty and likes to go to the bathroom in front of the house. There is a scene where the brothers get high in the Temple and more low level jokes. 

I loved the cast in this film and feel sorry that the film was such a mess  

Three stars for the actors in the cast. Half a star for the writing.

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