” The Woodsman” is a very unusual and creative theatrical event which shows how the Tin Man ended up right before Dorothy arrived in Oz. The show is a  unique puppet show with a very talented cast of puppeteers.  This show should not be seen by very young children as there are scary puppets that pop out at you and could scare them. The night I attended one child was scared and cried.

The show is a must see for children 12 and up. If you adore puppetry, this show is a must see. I would love to see it again. The evil witch that gets a house on top of her is very scary and jumps out at you and even comes halfway through the theater via flying. It could give young children nightmares.

This is a pick for young adults and adults that adore a very talented group of puppeteers.

Four out of five stars. The show is playing at New World Stages. Also, this trip to Oz does not have music even if you want to sing some of the songs. This show takes place before the musical version of Oz.

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