“The Tribute Artist”

Charles Busch’s newest show at 59 East 59th stars Charles and Julie in a new show called ” The Tribute Artist”. Charles plays a drag ” Tribute Artist” a person who dresses in drag as an entertainer but not anywhere else and when not performing in Vegas  lives with an older widow in her traditional, upscale old fashioned apartment in the Village. When his old roomate dies, Julie Halston who plays Charles characters best friend plans a scheme  to sell the apartment and split the money. Charles dresses up as the widow.and all chaos breaks lose for a very funny ride that only can be had with Charles and Julie. This work is a joy ride from start to finish but not as perfect as some of Charles older work.

If you need a laugh, this show will be worth seeing as the chemistry between Charles and Julie is worth the ticket price alone. Some of the out of left field remarks seem tacky and seemed to upset some of the little grey haired ladies at yesterdays matinee but I found it very entertaining. In a perfect World they would move my favorite ” Vampire Lesbians of Sodom” to a downtown theatre till the end of time as it is a better play and even more hysterical. That would be a better tribute to the Tribute Artist Chales Busch.

The Tribute Artist at 59 East 59 three out of four stars.

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