The Secret Life Of Pets 2. 2019 review.

I adore Illumination and 2 is stronger than 1. It has a ton of heart and is adorable.

It is worth taking a child or any animal lover. Charming!

This one has many story lines that are ridiculous and don’t make any sense but it is a cartoon and the kids will adore it.

One example is snowball voiced by the always hilarious Kevin Hart thinks he is a superhero and goes off with Daisy voiced by Tiffany Haddish to rescue an adorable meek white tiger who was taken by a Russian Circus and abused.

My favorite story revolves around Duke and Max and how they worry about the family child.

Also the fluffy adorable gidget who is in love with Max is my absolute favorite part. The film is sweet like the first with plenty of scratch your head crazy moments like the first film. I will be attending again!

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