Ted 2: A Dirty Bear With Heart, Soul and Winning Choreography.

Very few sequels are better than the original film but this time they accomplish so much more. First, as many of you know, Broadway Showbiz is a site that cares about dance, dancers and choreographers.  Robert Ashford, choreographs the opening number of the film with the most incredible dance opening in years. It is a giant spectacle that made me grin so large I was afraid I would break teeth. I’m serious. It is worth seeing the film for that dance alone. It was truly magical.

Ted 2 takes us to a few years after Ted 1, when Ted wants to marry his girlfriend and after they marry they are having marriage issues so they decide they need a sperm donor to help them create a baby. ( As we know, Ted is real but is missing a penis) Ted wants to find a sperm donor so silly behavior occurs. During this time, the State tries to prove that Ted can’t marry as he is property and not a live human being. Ted decides they will need to hire a lawyer to prove he is alive so he can adopt a baby and more. The film is funny, heart warming and entertaining. This movie is not for children as there is foul language, drug use, sexual issues including being covered in sperm.

If you’re an adult over the age of 18 Ted is a movie that will entertain you for every single second. I liked the first film but Ted 2 is in another league and worthy of a full priced ticket. In fact, I will see it again! Congratulations to all involved in this touching, funny and hilarious film. This film has a giant message as well as a giant soul and heart. It is a Corine’s pick for open minded creatures.  I had so much fun and can’t wait to buy this movie on a dvd so I can watch it many times.

Corine Cohen

** This film is over the top with content that can offend so proceed with caution.

A Bear with a giant soul and dirty mouth. Who also does a mean tap dance!

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