Spring Awakening: Review

All Photos Joan Marcus

All Photos Joan Marcus




When “Spring Awakening” opened with Lea Michele, John Gallagher, and Jonathan Groff almost a decade ago, it became one of those hits that grow on you. It happens to be one of my favorite Broadway shows. With Music and lyrics by Sater and Sheik  it was a giant hit with musical theater lovers all over the World. It was a giant shock when it closed.

This new version, expertly directed by Bare star, Michael Arden takes the show to a new level. This time, we have several cast members playing the roles one deaf and one who sings the role. The other signs in sign language.  It is very powerful and also distracting as you try and find the singer.

After watching the recent Republican debates  all candidates want to get rid of funding for Planned Parenthood and making abortions illegal, this is the time to see “Spring Awakening” It is based on a book by Frank Wedekind about a parent who would not educate her child on how babies are born and because of that her child Wendla, gets pregnant and has an abortion that causes her to die.  Women do not want to go backward. We need to stick up for our sisters and men should not dictate how we take care of ourselves. If we make abortions illegal, women will die. It is not a time to go back to metal hangers.

The show has a talented cast; the lyrics are poignant, and now more than ever it is a powerful show to see.

Some of my favorite songs are: ” The Bitch of Living” ” Totally Fucked” “Mama Who Bore Me.”In the last version which won Jonathan Gallagher a Tony and Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff went on to Glee and now, Hamilton. The show is about life, growing up, and the trials and tribulations one deals with in life.

This show is a must see! I wanted to jump up on stage during “Purple Summer” and chant along with the cast. A perfect night at the theater.

Corine Cohen

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