” Shaun The Sheep” The Best Aardman Film To Date!

shaun3shaun2This movie looks so cute! I adore Aardman animation- claymation! I have enjoyed all of the films ( “Chicken Run”shaun1, “Wallace, and Gromit” and the Animation Celebration films many years ago!) I can’t wait!

I saw a screening for the film on August 3. It is by far the best Aardman film to date. The story is touching, hilarious and campy. They make fun of many edgy films including  Silence of The Lambs, Monty Python films,  The Beatles Abbey Road and more. It is a must see movie and I was roaring through the entire film. The story takes place at the farm and Shaun The Sheep is upset with his routine life. Wake up early and getting shaved over and over again. The sheep try to escape but realize their routine is nothing to be sad about but to be happy about. It is a giant film with great animation and heart. 3.5 Stars. Stay till the very end for a funny bonus.

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