Season Finale of Downton Abbey. The Most Popular Drama On PBS.

Season Finale of Downton Abbey. 1

Julian Fellowes….. say it isn’t so. Tonight is the last episode of the sixth season of my favorite way to spend my Sunday Nights. Downton Abbey will have it’s finale tonight.  I have watched Mary and Edith fight, find love, loss and more. It is a very popular show so now is not the time to close up the mansion.

In my perfect World, there will be a spin off series. How about a new series following Edith, her Newspaper and hopefully her finding love? Edith has always been the unhappy sister getting treated like poop by Mary and her family. Mary was always the center of attention. I would love a spin-off series called Edith’s escapades…. and Mary and the entire cast would be part of it.

I have not seen the finale, but I do hope that Mary realizes what a bitch she has been and apologizes to Edith.

Good TV is very rare. Hoping Julian Fellowes will find a way to bring a sequel to BBC. We love Downton Abbey and don’t want it to end.

The finale is tonight on PBS. Check your paper for the time in your time zone. And we will have to miss Maggie Smith’s hilarious one liner zingers and the hilarious antics of her Butler and Cook. There is so much DRAMA! It is the most popular drama in PBS history so it seems very silly for it to end.


I love this title for a sequel: ” Edith and Mary” or Downstairs and Upstairs a sequel to the show. Hoping Julian Fellowes listens to his very sad audience who want the show to continue. Put aSeason Finale of Downton Abbey. new spin on it and your audience will come. Sniff. Sniff. It has been a wonderful six seasons. Lifting a glass and making a toast to six more seasons of Edith and Mary or Downstairs and Upstairs. Edith, Lady Mary, Tom? What will happen to Daisy and Carson? So sad to see this wonderful TV show go. Hoping a smart person will write a spin off. Edith’s Escapades….. Edith and Mary? Mary and Tom? Downstairs, Upstairs?

I wish they would have a sequel. Very sad to see another wonderful show coming to an end.

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