Salmon Fishing In The Yemen- Review


It is time for Hollywood to look at British romantic comedies because they have forgotten how to make them without being rude and crude. “Salmon Fishing In The Yemen” is both romantic and funny. The romance is a given from the start but it is the journey to the ‘happily ever after’ that holds your interest.
What is left to say about British humor? It is subtle, sarcastic, silly, serious and every such thing. From the whole cast the funniest is Kristin Scott Thomas which may come as a surprise to many people. She is the press secretary for the British prime minister and you don’t want to fool with her if you could even keep up with her.
The story is simple, if not quite logical, starting with a Sheik, played by Amr Waked, who wants to bring salmon fishing to the desert and we watch what it takes to accomplish that if possible. A scientist, Alfred, played by Ewan McGregor, doesn’t believe it is possible, and Harriet, played by Emily Blunt, the Sheik’s assistant, has to convince him that it can be done.


Harriet has a soldier boyfriend, Tom Mison, who has to go off to war and Alfred has a comfortable marriage to Mary, Rachel Stirling, who is a high powered executive. What would a romantic comedy be without complications?
The comedy comes from the salmon fishing aspect and all the various people involved and though there are very few laugh out loud laughs you will be smiling a heck of a lot.
The acting is top notch and even though Kristin Scott Thomas is a dynamo the rest aren’t any slouches! Ewan McGregor plays a little different role than he usually tackles and comes through with flying colors. Miss Blunt is beautiful, strong, smart and takes care of business though why she doesn’t choose the Sheik who is handsome, strong, smart and rich—oh wait! He has several wives. Amr Waked, the Sheik, has played a few minor roles in American movies and is an Egyptian star who is ready for his break out role. Tim Mison and Rachel Stirling have their moments and do them strongly.
Ready for a good romantic comedy? Go see “Salmon Fishing In The Yemen”.


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