rumerI saw Rumer Willis in Chicago on Broadway, and her performance was outstanding! The young, dancer, singer is perfection in Chicago on Broadway. Her training with Val helped her win the mirror ball on DWTS, but it also helped her show her acting, dancing and singing chops on the great white way. I knew she would be good, but I was amazed at how good in such a short time in the role!

DWTS fans, rush and see her. She is perfection in the role. She was also hilarious. She brought a different side to Roxy. A funny side and you can’t take your eyes off the sexy star. All eyes are on RUMER WILLIS!

Run don’t walk and see her through November 1st in Chicago. It is such a shame that she will not extend in the show. She is a triple threat! She dances well, acts well and can sing well. She just needs to project a tad more. (SING OUT LOUISE!)

Had the greatest time! Jason Danieley has a magnificent voice!  The entire cast are spectacular dancers, and it was a great evening at the theater. The Fosse Choreography is very special. I loved the costumes as well as the band.

Chicago is one of my favorite Broadway shows and it has held up after all these years. It is a must see for all Broadway and dance lovers. POP. SWISH. It still Razzle Dazzles us! AHA! Pure, DAZZLE and extra RAZZLE.

Corine Cohen

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