Reviews By Vlad: X-MEN APOCALYPSE.

Reviews By Vlad: X-MEN APOCALYPSE.

Q: What would happen if Game of Thrones and Marvel Comics had a baby?

A: It would be awesome, and its name is X-men Apocalypse


The story picks up where X-men first class left off, post world war two during the Cold War. All of the characters have moved on with their lives after the last conflict with Magneto, which Raven and Professor X were able to squash.

All of the characters are brought back together when they discover a revelation that mutants have been around for a very long time and aren’t a recent phenomenon. The cast is brought together once again to overpower the being whose powers are almost limitless. That being is an evil super mutant that want’s to rule the World.

In the movie, we finally see the characters that all of us know and love: Storm, Cyclops, and Phoenix.  This film will keep you at the end of your seat and is most definitely one of Bryan Singers best!

There are impressive special effects, and it is a must see. There was even a moment with Wolverine! Hugh Jackman!

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