Review:Broadway Classics: Carnegie Hall.


Corine Cohen was invited to cover Broadway Classics at Carnegie Hall.


The show was an all star cast singing some of the most beautiful Broadway Classics. Julia Bullock blew me away and made my plus one cry with her gorgeous opera singing voice. She sang ” I could have danced all night’ and my friend was fighting back the tears as he was so moved by her vocal chops. Phillip Boykin blew the roof off the room with three songs. Each one perfection.  His Old Man River was so perfect he asked the audience to tell Norm Lewis his voice was better. His voice was truly magnificent in the role. ( But so was Norm’s in Porgy and Bess!)

I really enjoyed the music and the singers. It was 90 minutes of classics that seemed to move too fast. It left me wanting more.

Broadway Classics are really stunning and this cast paired with the incredible musicians made for a spectacular evening.

Corine Dana Cohen



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