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The Secret Life Of Pets
Opens today! It is a must see!

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Are you an animal lover? Do you have a cat, dog, bird or bunny?  The Secret Life Of Pets is an adorable and sweet film that will appeal to the animal lover. The story revolves around Max, a Jack Russell Terrier who loves his owner. He is content in his Manhattan apartment until his owner rescues a large fluffy mutt that looks like a puppet from Jim Henson creations. Duke, is rescued just in time and is an enormous mutt with a giant appetite. He takes over Max’s bed, eats his food and is an unwelcome guest. The two have sibling rivalry, and Max wants Duke out of his home. The two fight with each other and sadly get into trouble. This starts an adventure which includes a bond between the two dogs which is very touching. Along the way, they meet many other characters including a sad and lonely Bunny voiced by Kevin Hart. Hart plays “Snowball” a magician’s Bunny that got tired of magic and threw him away like trash. Snowball is sad and lonely and organizes an animal gang that is out for revenge on their selfish owners.

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In the apartment building, many of the dogs and cats realize that Max and Duke are gone, and a fluffy white dog named Gidget who has a giant crush on Max organizes the others to search and rescue him. The voice talent is exceptional especially Kevin Hart as Snowball.  There is also a giant Hawk that is hilarious and also has large Jim Henson puppet features and a voice that made me howl! Some of the jokes will go over the children’s head and will make the adults laugh out loud. Most of the laughs at my screening were coming from the adults in the audience. There are some hysterical moments.

It is smart, funny, entertaining and adorable. It will make you laugh; you might even get a bit teary.

Four out of four stars.  I must admit, I adore animals especially terriers, and I loved it.  In my perfect, World they will make a sequel or six!

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