Review: ” The Belle Of Belfast”

belle1” The Belle Of Belfast” takes place in 1985 in Belfast Ireland.  Kate Lydic, plays Anne Malloy a teenager who lost her parents due to fighting in Belfast. She lives with her odd, lonely Aunt played by the hilarious Patricia Conolly who goes to confession and tells stories as she is very lonely and has no one to talk with. She tells the Priest played by Hamish Allan- Headley that she witnessed others stealing at the market and confessed about drinking too much booze.

Kate Lydic plays a very unhappy, angry, foul mouthbelle and lonely teen that falls for a gorgeous Priest (Hamish Allan Headley) she seduces him and he gives into his true desires. This play comes across as a temptation play that seduces it’s audience.

The show is an excellent play with a terrific cast. Go and see it at the Irish rep which is now at the DR2  through June 7.


Corine Cohen

This is a Corine’s pick. Off Broadway. DR2.

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