Review Red Speedo.

Review Red Speedo. 1

Zoe Winters (Lydia) and Alex Breaux (Ray)

“Red Speedo”  is about a swimmer that is willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the Olympics even if that means taking illegal drugs that will enhance his performance. Alex Breaux plays Ray, a swimmer that does not care about how he succeeds as long as he wins. This being competitive sports and Ray must win to attain a lucrative deal with Speedo bathing suits. The play is about greed, ethics or lack of ethics and relationships that transpire between Ray and his Coach and his slick, slimy, Lawyer brother.

Sports like everything else is a dog eat dog World but is it all worth it? Alex frames another swimmer to get ahead. Lie, cheat, steal. No one cares.

This play is a must-see. Alex Breaux plays Ray a dumb Jock, and the play is heart wrenching even if you don’t care about any of the characters. All are unethical losers in a World that only cares about how one gets success. Does anyone know the difference between right and wrong? Not in this play.

Riccardo Hernandez has created a very impressive set with a pool. It is award worthy! The show has adult themes and violence and is not for children. It is a must for adults!

“Red Speedo” is playing at  New York Theatre Workshop and is a Corine’s Pick.

Corine Cohen

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