Review: “Blended”


Blended is an absolutely wonderful comedy with two of Hollywood’s big shots Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. The duo has previously stared in” 50 first dates” and in “The Wedding Singer.” They once again reunite the silver screen in Blended.


In the movie they both play single parents looking to get back into the dating scene. After a disastrous first date they decide that they are not really meant for each other. Their paths however, cross again when they both go on a trip to Africa and are put into the same room intended for couples. This is where the fun begins. Their adolescent children who have little quirks about them both get help from having the necessary role models. In the movie the kids actually play pivotal rolls and really make the scenarios played out a lot more realistic through portrayal of what one really may encounter with kids dealing with subjects like masturbation and dating.


                The movie is very funny! The situational humor will surely put a smile on even the grouchiest of people. Although there are plenty of scenes which focus on physical comedy it is really the script and interactions between the actors that make the movie so very relatable. I strongly recommend seeing it and especially with friends since you will all be laughing uncontrollably as I was.


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